Fire Up Program
This leadership program is taught through part of our First Year Experience seminar and is aimed at our freshmen student-athletes. On five different occasions during the fall 2017 term, our student-athletes will learn leadership skills and philosophies from various head coaches. I believe it is important for our freshmen student-athletes to see that each coach has a different leadership style.We also ask each head coach who presents to incorporate one of our departmental core values into their leadership discussion as we try to ingrain our freshmen into the culture of CMU Athletics.

Igniting Leaders
Coaches and staff will identify one or two student-athletes from their program who they view as their next leaders. The leadership programming for the emerging leaders is focused on "activating leaders". Programming will center on helping these students understand how to become leaders through both a variety of speakers and experiential leadership experiences. This group will meet approximately five times per year. Each session will last approximately one hour.

Director's Table
Coaches and staff will identify student-athletes on their team who have leadership roles. The Director's Table is comprised of the current leaders on each team who will meet with me roughly five times per year. This is an elite leadership group who will learn how to lead both on and off the playing surface through leadership lessons and experiences with me. Each session will last approximately one hour.